Google Maps Buddha’s Birthplace Error

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  1. Niroz says:

    In context to the earlier complaint I would like to post in the words of supports to Nimish.
    Google maps is the leading portal which comes in handy for the web based information for people like us but, this is not the way. Are you guys suposed to put anything on the net before even checking the facts or may be checking the details. are people out there that stupid? because my 10 year old neice can better use her brain and draw out facts even from web or be it books.
    This is the biggest blunder and a matter of international issue so being the Nepali citizen im greatly offended by the blunder and demand the webmaster to rectify the mistake and i would like to demand the words of apologize from your end…
    Jai Nepal!!.

  2. utsav says:

    The location is user generated ie some dumb shmuck could have tagged the place as the birthplace of Budhha.

    Instead of asking Google to rectify it, I’d recommend (through your facebook group as well) asking people to edit the marker and correct it.
    the power of numbers should work 😀

    Changes once approved will be evident!!

    Wonderful viral marketing though.

  3. Anish says:

    Congratulations! on the success of the initiative. And I’d like to appreciate Nimish’s initiative and Google’s rectification, and definitely all the supporters.

  4. Paru says:

    is googlemap that dumb enough not to notice even where buddha was born? thanx Nimish for noticing it arigatoo^^